Health and Science Career Fest

Are you an MSU student interested in employment and/or internship opportunities related to the science and health career fields? If so, the 2014 Science and Health Career Fair is for you!

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Learning Resource Center

As we are approaching the end of the third week of school and classes begin to pick up, it can be overwhelming to learn all of the information needed for your classes.  But don’t panic!  The Learning Resource Center (LRC) is here to help.

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Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities

Today, on my way to work, I spotted two students crutching across our large campus. Did you know that the RCPD can solve this problem? The Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities does more than help students with long term conditions. If you find yourself on crutches or in a cast feel free to contact them!

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Sparticipation Rescheduled!

Michigan’s unpredictable weather patterns tend to throw a wrench in things much to often, like the polar vortex last winter, and in August when it rained out Sparticipation. With posters soaked in the storm, and tents blown across Munn field, the event was canceled, but don’t worry, it has been rescheduled for Sunday, September 14th, from 5-8pm in the Breslin Center! Continue reading

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Spartan Pre-Professional Club

Are you a pre-professional student looking for a student organization to join?

If so, then I HIGHLY suggest you check out the Spartan Pre-Professional Club! Continue reading

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Global Medical/Dental Brigade Spring Break 2015

Are you interested in providing healthcare to communities in need in Honduras for spring break?  If so, joining MSU’s Global Medical/Dental Brigade is for you! This is a great opportunity for pre-professional students to gain experience, shadow doctors and dentists, and expose themselves to a new culture. Continue reading

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Study Abroad Fair

Have you ever wanted to travel the world and receive academic credit for doing so? Well, the opportunity to learn all about MSU Study abroad is fast approaching! With over 190 exhibits on possible study abroad programs, this is your chance to get all the information you need in one location.

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Summer Human Biology Electives

Are you still trying to figure out what summer courses to take? Are you a human biology major?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then you might want to look into the following courses:

ANP 204 Intro to Medical Anthropology
Concepts, methods and theoretical approaches of the field of medical anthropology.

EPI 240 Epidemiological Investigations in Nutrition and Health
Integration of epidemiology with human nutrition concepts to understand the role of dietary intake and nutritional status as determinants of health-related issues in populations.

PHM 430 Human Pharmacology
General principles of pharmacology. Central nervous system and autonomic nervous system, cardiovascular, renal, cancer, microbial, and endocrine pharmacology.

Also, EPI 390 (Disease and Society) is being offered online during both summer sessions.

Yes, its true, ALL of these courses will count towards your 12 credits of Human Biology electives. If you have any questions, please contact your advisor.

Good luck on finals!


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The Week Before Finals

Summer is just around the corner! All we have to do (for the most part) is just make it through the dreaded finals week. Of course, for most students, the week before finals can be just as stressful as the week of finals because this is when your bulk studying should take place. In order to prevent a finals meltdown, here are some tips for staying in control the week before finals:

  • Know when your finals are: First and foremost, know your finals schedule. If you have an exam on Monday and another exam on Friday, it may be a good idea to focus more on the Monday exam because you have less time to study for it than the one that is four days later.
  • Make a study schedule: It’s important to know what classes you should be studying for, and when. Know what classes will require the most study time, as well as your finals schedule, and plan your study time accordingly.
  • Getting adequate rest: It’s popular for students to think that they need to pull “all-nighters” and mess with their sleep schedule in order to cram in extra study hours. Sticking to the schedule you planned will allow you to put in the necessary time you need to study while still getting a good night’s rest.

Most of all, it is important to realize that although finals are important, no single test will determine your future. The key is to prepare adequately to ensure you can perform your best on test day.

Best of luck to everyone!


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Upcoming bioethics event!

Are you interested in medical ethics?

Do you want to learn more about the ethical issues in medicine, healthcare, biotechnology and biomedical research?

If so, then you MUST check out this upcoming event:

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