The Allied Health Professions

I know a lot of students who want to have a career in healthcare, but they don’t want to be the traditional dentist or doctor. Some even say they aren’t interested in being a nurse, physician’s assistant or physical therapist; but they still want to make a difference the medical field. Half the battle is knowing where to look and doing a little research to find out areas in which you can have an impact. There is such a wide variety of health careers, like allied health professions, jobs in sports medicine, nutrition, public health, and the list goes on! These careers can also be relevant for students who need to develop some type of parallel career plan, or “plan B”; just in case their initial path has a detour or roadblock. We have a ton of pamphlets here in our office with information on some awesome health careers that we may not know much about; like mortuary science, naturopathic medicine, and many more. Come to room 108 Natural Science to pick yours up today!

Also, please check out Explore Health Careers! This website is truly the hub for all things medicine related. Discover information on over 70 different health careers that may be right for you. Here’s the link:

I hope this helps some of you with planning a career in medicine. There are so many different ways to get involved in healthcare and impact the well being of patients around the world. Someone is out there, waiting for you to explore your options and make a difference in their life!


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